Landscaping Challenges

June 18, 2022


I hope everyone’s summer is going well.  The HOA Board would like to inform you of the landscape challenges that we have been facing this year. We have had an issue with weed control over the last couple of years which came to a head this year. The drought over the last two summers has contributed greatly to our excessive weeds. When we have a drought, the turf/grass roots are very shallow which allows them to go dormant, but the weeds have longer root systems which allow them to continue to thrive. We have also had excessive rain this year which has contributed to excessive growth on both the turf/grass as well as the weed front.

After consulting with our landscaping provider, we have implemented a program to quickly get a handle on our turf/grass challenges. As you have noticed the turf/grass was left much longer than usual earlier in the season. This was in an effort to choke out the weeds, we have also received three weed control applications as well. We are finally seeing results! We do have a few stubborn areas, but we are aware of those areas and there will be further treatments to curb additional weed growth.

On another note, we are asking homeowners not to mow more than “two mowing widths” past your property line. Some homeowners are cutting way out into the common area and cutting the grass too short. This will promote weed growth during the heat of summer.  We are also trying to accomplish a more uniform look to our common areas as well as uniform cut lines to assist our mowing crews. The mowing crew is asked to cut according to our lot lines. If you wish to cut “two widths” past your lot line, it must be at or near the height of our cutting crew. Our mowing crews are currently cutting closer to our typical grass height, but that may vary due to weed control efforts.

Also, our landscaping provider is currently experiencing the pains of an industry-wide labor shortage in the landscaping business. We currently have two “new” crews that are doing our weekly mowings. There is a learning curve when we have a new crew due to the nuances of the property as well as our homeowners. Please be patient with them as they get to know our common areas. Our mowing day has been fluid due to scheduling conflicts, but we do receive a weekly mowing.

We hope this answers some of your questions as to why things look a little different this year! We also ask that you, our homeowners, please help us to ease these challenges by following our guidance that has been listed above! 

The HOA Board is looking for a second Landscape Maintenance Coordinator! We currently have one Landscape Maintenance Coordinator, which has been in the position for the past several years and has done a remarkable job.   We feel this job is better suited to being managed by two individuals. The second Landscape Maintenance Coordinator would be responsible for overseeing our landscaping mowing provider, and common area trees; which would include bi-monthly inspections of the services provided, providing recommendations to the board on landscaping improvements within the community, and communicating with our provider account representative as needed. Our current Landscaping Coordinator will oversee the retention basins, the pathways as well as misc. landscaping that needs attention. 

We’re looking for someone who cares enough to keep our common areas the best they can be.  Also note that we all work for you, free because we have a vested interest in keeping Heartland Circle at a high standard.   We hope you feel the same!

Please pass this information on to your neighbors.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the above. 

-Bob Mangers
Control Committee Chair;  630 882-9500